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Sunday 23 June 2019 Kelvingrove Park

Simon Thacker's Svari-Kanti

Simon Thacker: Classical guitar
Japjit Kaur: Voice
Justyna Jablonska: Cello
Sarvar Sabri: Table

This Indian/Western ensemble is an intercultural collaboration that mixes culture and tradition with innovation and imagination. Led by visionary guitarist/composer Simon Thacker, the group also features the beautiful voice of Japjit Kaur, Polish cellist Justyna Jablonska and renowned tabla master Sarvar Sabri.

Svara-Kanti has toured extensively across the UK, performed in session for the BBC’s World on 3, and recently made their Indian debut to wide critical acclaim. With one award-winning album under their belts (Rakshasa was hailed as one of the most important Indian/Western releases for a generation, and found its way into several ‘albums of the year’ lists) and another due to be recorded later this year, see Svara-Kanti for yourself to discover why they are so in demand.

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