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Sunday 23 June 2019 Kelvingrove Park

Local Vocalists

This year's Glasgow Mela includes a showcase for some local vocalists, hand picked by our programmer. Here's a little background on each of them:

Shaz IA
Shaz IA (pictured above) is a well-known Glaswegian singer and experienced Mela performer having sang for many years on the Scottish circuit. Having just released her second single, her sound can be described as upbeat, fun and influenced by Bollywood dance. Her catchy tunes are sure to get you dancing along.
Follow her on Facebook/Shaz IA and Twitter @_Shaz_IA

The Dilbers
Many people knew Waliti Singh Dilber. Resident in Glasgow since he moved to Britain aged 5, the Punjabi singer was well-known, locally and across the UK, as ‘the Sikh Elvis’. Following his sad death earlier this year, his sons Dharam and Karam Singh have formed their own group The Dilbers in tribute. They promise a new sound with a fusion of traditional folk songs and modern music.

Shamshad Ghani
Meet one busy lady! A mother of four, grandmother to two, a shopkeeper for 24 years and the only female Muslim Pakistani taxi driver in North Lankashire (and perhaps Scotland); we are amazed she finds the time to sing and perform as well. Shamsad's Glasgow Mela debut falls on the eve of her 50th birthday.