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Sunday 23 June 2019 Kelvingrove Park


The Magic of India

Jaardu in Hindi literally means 'magic', exactly what this act is!

Jaardu astounds and amuses with a unique show which encompasses sleight of hand and some very original snake charming!

The character of Jaardu (brought to life by performer Andrew Elliot) is a colourfully dressed caricature of an imaginary Indian village magician, created by Andrew from both his Eastern and Western heritage. He is by turns cheeky and provocative, irreverent and flirtatious. Straddling both worlds, he is able to gently poke fun at Eastern and Western stereotypes, provoking humour and goodwill.

Jaardu will be one of our roaming acts - catch him if you can!.


Visit Jaardu's website​​​